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At Cornerstone Physical Therapy, we are committed to utilize our experience, current medical research, and our expertise to maximize your rehabilitation process to build a solid foundation for health.


Teamwork is imperative to our approach in treatment; patients play an active role in their treatment program. They are taught various self-treatment techniques and exercises to continue the healing process when not at the clinic.

It is our belief that you are responsible for your continued recovery and outcomes long after we have finished our therapy treatments.
In addition to patient participation, we also offer a multidiscipline approach. Our staff includes: a team of physical and occupational therapists, a massage therapist and strength and conditioning trainer.

Treatment intervention entwines many facets of manual therapy. Manual Therapy is defined as the skillful use of the hands to mobilize/manipulate joints, massage and lengthen soft tissue and to monitor and facilitate improved neuromuscular control. By using these techniques and providing patient education, our objective is to improve the mechanics of movement for overall improvement and decreased pain.




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