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Women’s Health
Advanced training with a focus in women's health issues, which will benefit women with a variety of medical conditions such as:  pelvic floor pain; incontinence; lymphoedema s/p lumpectomy and mastectomy; painful intercourse, pregnancy and post-partum, chronic low back pain. 

Aquatic Therapy
A therapeutic procedure which attempts to improve function through the application of therapeutic exercises in water.  Many individuals who find land exercises difficult have great success in aquatic therapy.

Sports Massage Therapy
Therapy focusing on specific muscle systems to help prevent injury and loss of mobility, help restore function to injured muscle tissue, and to help boost performance.  Pre-muscular conditioning prior to an event and post-event recovery soft tissue mobilization to help enhance healing and overall wellness. 

Myofascial Release
A very effective hands on technique which provides direct and indirect techniques to the fascia and connective tissue of the body.  This treatment technique has a main goal of decreasing pain, increasing mobility and improving body balance.

Weight Management
Strategies for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Orthopedic Injuries
Manual therapy techniques, neuromuscular education and therapeutic exercise techniques used to provide return to optimal function for those who suffer from injuries or surgery to bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. 

Back Injuries
Back injures are often completely debilitating.  We use techniques to help reduce pain, increase flexibility, build strength, and improve overall posture.

Core Strengthening
Patient-specific exercise programs that aim to improve support and stability to the spine.  This is achieved by re-training specific trunk muscles, which are often underused, leading to weakness, imbalance, and injury.

1:1 training aimed at improving strength, flexibility, balance and overall well being.




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